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Irish Radio Communications Ltd

Irish Radio Communications Limited (IRCL) is a leader in supplying, installing and servicing  two way radio equipment particularly for commercial and semi state bodies. 

Formed in 1998, IRCL set out to provide communication solutions by providing the best products and service in the 2-way radio industry.

We supply radio systems to: colleges, schools, construction sites, security, parks, pharmaceutical, as well as many other types of businesses.


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Radio Sales

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Radio Hire

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Radio Repairs


Radio Accessories

Radio Sales



  • TC-620

  • TC-446S

  • TM-610

Analogue Brochures


  • PD365

  • PD505 SERIES

  • PD605 SERIES

  • PD705 SERIES

  • MD785

  • MD655

  • RD625

  • RD965

  • RD985

Entel Radios

  • HX400 and HT700 are land based radios.

  • The HX400 series is small and compact but is not designed to be submersed.

  • The HT700 series may be submersed if needed.

  • Marine Radios – The HT600 and 700 series of radios are marine based but are not intrinsically safe.

  • Intrinsically safe land based radios – There are two series, HT900 (ATEX) and HT800 (USTC).

  • HX446 Licence free: HX446 (non waterproof), HT446 (waterproof)

  • Optional Man/down-lone worker

  • DX452 & DX485 – compact units with outstanding audio, clarity, quality & volume that really needs to be compared to other DMR radios to be truly appreciated.

Radio Hire

IRCL also hire 2 way radio systems i.e. portables (standard , short range, ATEX), mobiles and base stations. Long range applications via Community Repeaters. 

Radio Repairs

A call to our repair centre will put you in touch with a service engineer who will work with you to diagnose and fix the problem you are having with your radio equipment. 

For maintenance and repair issues, please contact our service department

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Radio Accessories

We stock accessories for our radio comms range to include:

  • Li-Ion Batteries

  • Ni-Mh Batteries

  • Single Way Rapid Chargers

  • 6 Way Multi-Rapid Chargers

  • Lapel Extension Speaker Mikes

  • Earpiece/PTT/Mic

  • Headsets

  • Aerials (Portable & Fixed)

  • 24/12volt Convertors (Isolated/Non)

  • Magnetic Aerial Systems

  • Power Supplies

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Please contact us directly with your specific requirements.

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